Imagine for Nina Part 2

"Nina………what are you doing home?" you could’t reply, your tears had prevented it. "Nina…..say something…please" you just shook your head. Harry had removed his body from the girl, who was now sitting on the bed with a grin, he made his way over to you. you backed away, as far as you could until you hit he wall. Harry still came closer. " Harry….dont come near me!" you pleaded as you sank onto the floor and cried. He stopped where he was and looked down at you, he looked down at the girl he loved and hurt and made her cry. You looked up to him staring at you. You stood up and made your way to the door. Once your head was on the handle you felt a hand wrap around your wrist. " Harry." he didn’t he had a tight grip. " no i will hold on forever if i have to….just don’t leave.. please… it was a mistake..she means nothing to me… i dont know what came over me please…please…please stay and listen to me!" " Listen to you..stay here..with you…you cheated on me with with slag." "i know but im sorry i am really sorry it will never happen again…i promise you it was a mistake Nina" "No Harry cheating isn’t a mistake its a choice…..i really hope she was worth it Harry because you just lost me… have fun with your slag!" Harry released your wrist. You turned around and opened the door…you turn around to face Harry to see the tears streaming down his face. " Harry as much as i hate you right now i want to thank you for everything and every moment we shared i will never forget you!" "Then why are you leaving me?" "Because…i will never forget what you did either!…..Goodbye Harry.. I love you.!" you then turned to your heels and left the house you once share with someone who still owned your heart…maybe one day you can forgive him…but not today.

Well part 2 everybody! let me know what you think and i am now taking requests again!!!!

Anonymous asked:

How can you find out if your boyfriend really loves you?

Well I usually watch him around other girls. If he doesnt look at them and just you then youll know!! Also hell send you texts at randoms times of the day just to talk you!!! Just look out for the little things and honey if they’re there youll notice them!!! Let me know if this helps xxx :)