Can’t believe it been four years! They have achieved soo much! And deserve everything! I am soo proud! Love you guys!!

Can’t believe it been four years! They have achieved soo much! And deserve everything! I am soo proud! Love you guys!!

Harry Styles Imagine

Harry and I have been in relationship for a while now and so we thought is was time to introduce our parents to each other.We sat down at the table and i could see that Harry was nervous; he was bouncing his leg and fiddling with his hands. I grab his hands with mine and told him ” It’s going to be okay Harry, they know how we feel about each other.”

I lean over and give him a long soft kiss, just before our parents arrive.They greeted us and sat down. Harry cleared his throat before introducing everyone. They seemed to getting on fine as the conversation slips onto everyones jobs and how they where going.

Anne suddenly says “Harry whats that on your lip?” Harry wipes it off with his finger and looked down and see my lip gloss on his finger. “Nothing mum” He says and looks to me with a smirk and then continues the conversation.

Harry Imagine

i spin the bottle, it landed on Harry, I was screaming with joy inside but on the outside i was calm. “Thats not fair!” Louis shouted. ” You said whoever it lands on you have to kiss. It landed on Harry so I’m going to kiss him!” You reply with a smirk. I look over at Harry and he gave me a cheeky smile. Harry whispered in my ear ” i’m going to show you a real kiss!” 

He crashed him lips into mine. He immediately glided his tongue across my bottom lip asking for entrance which i granted him. My hands were around his neck and he pushed me down to the ground and hoovered above me. 

"Thats more the 20 seconds" The girls laughed. " 20 seconds are up!" Louis said. Harry didn’t care though, he didn’t break our kiss. Louis then grabbed Harry and pulled him off me and said " We’re trying to keep it PG!" Harry and looked at each other and laughed. He winked to me and we both ran upstairs and locked the door. I am pretty sure everyone heard us but we didn’t care.



I was like, good gracious- ass is bodacious (x)

Harry Styles Imagine


The boys and i had a movie night, i layed on top of Harry while the movie played. He couldn’t stop kissing me. We started making out, his hands roamed my body and rested in my bum. “GET A ROOM!” Louis shouted laughing. “oh trust me, you will hear us later.” Harry said with a cheeky smirk. The movie finished and so we decided to play drinking games.


" lets play truth or dare!" Niall shouted smiling. "Sounds good" (Y/N) said giggling. "TruTH OR dAre!" Louis drunknly asked (Y/N). "Hmmm Dare!" She answered. "…Give Harry a lap dance!" Louis said smirking."i can do that." Oh thank you Louis! I thought. We stood up and i sat on the couch and she got on my lap and starting dancing. She removed her top and kissed me. We started making out as he grinded against me. I was going hard and she knew it, she smirked and finished her lap dance. The boys cheered and high fived her. 

"Okay Harry…Truth or dare?" Niall asked."DARE!" I shouted. "…have sex with her and make her scream  so loud we can hear it from down here!"Niall said with a cheeky smirk! "Lets Go Babe!" I said as i picked her up and carried her up the stair!


Okay guys I’m gonna be taking requests for Imagines whilst writing one! Just send me your band member! And situation! Choose from One Direction, 5 SOS and The YouTube Boyband!